Roasted Grape Tomato Soup

Roasted Grape Tomato Soup {The Reluctant Hippie}

Do you remember when the first grape and cherry tomatoes came off the vine? We gleefully popped them in our mouths by the dozen, savoring the sweet, juicy wonderfulness. After awhile, though, the allure wore off. Now, we have 50 of these suckers ripening each day. I needed something to do with them.

The sweetness of the grape/cherry tomatoes is perfect for soup – no need to add any sugar to the mix. This soup is a lovely way to transition from summer to fall. Continue reading

Tzatziki Sauce

Tzatziki Sauce {The Reluctant Hippie}

This cool, creamy concoction is a great way to make use of all of those cucumbers that are coming off the vine right now. Use it as a sauce or a dip – it’s delicious on crackers, chips, raw vegetables, and gyros. And on lots of other things, too! Continue reading

Lemon Parmesan Swiss Chard Salad

Lemon Parmesan Swiss Chard {The Reluctant Hippie}

This recipe comes to us courtesy of the Aurora Farmers Market. Each week, they purchase produce from their vendors and whip up a vegetable dish, a smoothie, and an infused water. Farmers Market visitors can sample the creations and take home the recipes.

This past week, they knocked all three dishes out of the park. The watermelon-infused water tasted like a sugary juice drink, the cinnamon-plum smoothie (made in a bicycle-powered blender!!!) was delicious, and this Lemon Parmesan Swiss Chard Salad was unbelievable. I hunted down the market vendor who had swiss chard this week and brought the recipe card home.

This salad is a little more work than your average leafy green salad, but it is completely worth it. Trust me. The lemon, garlic, and cheese wrap the chard in so many layers of flavor.

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Cedar Raised Garden Bed – DIY

Cedar Raised Beds {The Reluctant Hippie}

We overhauled the back yard last spring. The beautiful circular planters that replaced our pool 8 years ago were not working for us – lots of wasted space, paver bricks that had settled awkwardly, and trouble with weed suppression on the paths between the planters.

I wanted something simpler Рraised rectangular beds, off to the side of the yard. I looked into raised bed kits made of cedar at the hardware store, but the quality of the boards was awfully low for $100 a pop. Also, the design made it so that 3 boards were stacked upon one another on each side, and the mechanism for holding them together was not very sturdy. It was clear that there would be gaps.

We decided to DIY. We would’ve needed two 4’x8′ kits to provide the space we wanted to cover, so my goal was to create two cedar planters for less than the $200 the kits would’ve cost.

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