Sucker Spiders

How cute are these!?! I picked up a Disney Family Fun craft magazine, and Little Hippie immediately chose this project. You need 4 black pipe cleaners, a big lollipop (like a Tootsie Pop), and some googly eyes. Wrap the pipe cleaners around the sucker, bend the legs, glue the eyes, and you’re all set.

A few things I learned with experience:

  1. Use shorter pipe cleaners or cut them down a bit. The “daddy long-legs” version of these is not nearly as cute.
  2. To keep the body sections together, I twisted one of the legs on the front pipe cleaner all the way to the back of the body. This made one of the front legs become one of the back legs, which pulled all of the other pipe cleaners together.
  3. Get self-sticking googly eyes if you can find them. I had a lot of trouble finding the peel and stick type, so we were stuck with glue. That was fine for making a few, but when you are trying to make 100, it will go much faster with the self-adhesive eyes.
  4. Cut the end of the sucker’s stick to make it shorter, but wait until after you have all of the pipe cleaners attached.

One thought on “Sucker Spiders

  1. Disney Family Fun is a fantastic place for ideas! I use it all the time! 🙂 Super cute. Miss my little hippie and the baby hippie.

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