Hand-painted ceramic tile trivets

These were such simple gifts to create. 5-year-old Little Hippie turned out the two trivets in the picture above in record time on her first attempt.

The overall idea came from a listing of handmade holiday gift ideas, which led to a google search, which led to this post on a parenting blog with lots of neat ideas for children’s activities and projects.

The tiles cost less than $2 each at a local home improvement store. We painted them with acrylic paint and allowed them to dry, then went over the lines on the tile with a darker color. I tried doing this with black paint on a number of different brushes and other tips, but none worked all that well. The tiles pictured above were outlined with a black Sharpie. This will flake off some of the paint, so be aware of this if you go the sharpie route. Be careful not to stray from the lines. Any paint that chips off should be covered by the black ink.

To seal and protect the surface, I found a satin finish PermEnamel topcoat at our craft store. I brushed two coats onto each tile and let them cure for 10 days (per the instructions on the glaze)

We finished the trivets with felt furniture pads that we cut into small squares for the corners. A package of 2 pads measuring 4.5″x6″ should give you enough to put a protective backing on 6 trivets. You can use regular craft felt for this, too, but I like the heavy-duty felt – the ceramic tiles are heavy. Plus the furniture pads are self-adhesive, so that gives an added bonus.

Trivet backs

We can’t wait to give these as gifts!


5 thoughts on “Hand-painted ceramic tile trivets

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    • I don’t see why not. You may not need to seal it afterwards, which makes this project even easier. Score. Let me know if it works!

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