Vegetable of the Month: Parsnips

Little Hippie picked out “Rah! Rah! Radishes” from a display in the Library. We had a lot of fun reading the book and checking out the photographs. LH expressed an interest in trying some of the vegetables we didn’t see very often at our house. I asked whether she would  want to choose a new veggie each month to learn about and cook with, and she agreed. We flipped through the pages until we found some winter root vegetables and chose parsnips as our first veggie of the month.

Sadly, I have never cooked with parsnips before. I know I’ve had parsnip puree as part of complex dishes at restaurants, but I can sheepishly admit to not having a clue about parsnips flavors or other characteristics. I went to my trusty Vegetables and Vegetarian Cooking book (by Ingram), read up on this sweet root vegetable, and prepared it as part of our  Cod and Winter Vegetables  dinner. The book suggested peeling larger parsnips, as well as parboiling them. I did both for this dish, and I was worried that it would disintegrate (it was pretty mushy after 10 minutes in hot water). It held together for this dish, though, so I think I will keep this step in the future.

Parsnips were a hit! They were LH’s favorite part of the fish dish. We need to find an organic source nearby, since I see parsnips appearing in heavy rotation in our immediate future.


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