Nitrate-free bacon that doesn’t suck

Nitrates are terrible for us. And they are delicious. Deadly, but delicious. The good news is that we had pretty much stopped eating bacon because the bacon without nitrates is not real bacon. It looks like bacon, it cooks like bacon, but it tastes like less than bacon. So, we gave up. No more bacon.

Until now.

Over the holidays, the Hippie Husband got bacon for a celebratory brunch. I tried some and gave him an accusing look – “What the crap is this?? Did you get  regular bacon??”

He showed me the box.

Nitrate free. Hormel Naturals. Bacon. Honest-to-goodness bacon. Without nitrates. Bacon. It is still a “sometimes” food, but it gets to be food again. Bacon . . .


One thought on “Nitrate-free bacon that doesn’t suck

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