Green Bean Dippers

This isn’t even a recipe. It’s a fraud perpetrated on my children, who both insist that they do not like green beans. This week, I wanted a quick preparation that was easy enough that I wouldn’t be irritated when the kids refused to go beyond a courtesy bite. I blanched them – 5 minutes in boiling water, then into an ice bath so that they were still crisp. On a whim, I decided to place them upright in cups and call them “Green Bean Dippers.” I served them with a little dish of olive oil sprinkled with pepper and parmesan. The dip wasn’t all that great, but the kids ate green bean after green bean. Happily.

I hate to admit it, but presentation really can make a difference. I can’t wait to head back to the Farmer’s Market to get more for next week. We will change the dip for next time, though – any suggestions?


3 thoughts on “Green Bean Dippers

  1. hummus, of course, though it might be odd. something sour creamy/yogurty with dill. blended chevre with dill & honey? would honey go well with green beans? i was thinking of taking the edge off the chevre a little for the kiddos. of course, if you get really fresh chevre, it shouldn’t taste like anything at all. one of these days, we could make chevre for fun. it’s delicious. like a million.
    blended chevre with salt and some other savory herbs. that’s my final answer, RH.

    if i think of a really good one, i’ll let you know.

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