Nifty Gifties

As much as this idea makes me throw up a little in my mouth, it’s time to get organized for the holidays. In addition to recipes and hippie ideas, I will be posting a handmade gift project each week between now and the end of holiday madness. Hopefully, this will give you enough time to DIY the ones you like.

Handmade gifts are usually more thrifty than their retail counterparts. More importantly, though, making a gift is a way to show how much you care about a person. It can also help reinforce the idea that the holidays can be more about time and caring than about spending money and getting lots of stuff. Each year, we make agreements with more and more people in our circles that we are not going to buy presents for one another. For most of my nieces and nephews, we plan a party for our holiday celebration that involves games, a fun craft project so that each kid gets to take something home, and kid-friendly food. Make-your-own pizzas tend to be pretty popular with that group.

Sigh. I think I’m rambling here.

Back to the Nifty Gifties.

If you find Pinterest overwhelming, but you’d still like a few gift ideas for things you can make on your own, stay tuned. Even if your circles prefer store-bought gifts, these projects make terrific hostess gifts for holiday gatherings.

I’ll post the first Nifty Gifty tomorrow. If you’re itching to get started, check out these gift ideas from Reluctant Hippie’s past:

  • Bird seed ornaments: These were a hit last year. I made some for a local craft market, and they sold out. My kids loved looking out the window and seeing the birds (and squirrels) eating their birdseed stars. Package them in a cellophane treat bag with some tissue paper behind them as a cushion, then tie with raffia. So simple, so pretty, so inexpensive!
  • Hand-painted tile trivets: These suckers need over a week to cure, so make them early. This gift is an easy one for little artists to make with some grown-up assistance. I’m looking at one of the trivets Little Hippie made right now. Almost a year later, it’s holding together well and brings a smile to my face each time we use it.
  • 24-pack Advent calendar: For the alcoholic or sugar-fiend in your social circles. Open a door for a can of tasty beverage each day in December.
  • Homemade Play-dough: I found an awesome play-doh tools kit and desk at a resale shop a few weeks ago. A few colors of homemade play-dough in the kid’s favorite hues, and this gift will be less than $10.
  • Bubble solution: If you live somewhere warm this season.
  • Kitchen scrap worm compost bin: This would only work for a special sort of gift recipient. But if you have friends with hippie leanings, this would be pretty cool.

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