Coffee Sleeve: Nifty Gifties!

Upcycle an old sweater to make a cute coffee sleeve.


  1. Cut the cuffs off of an old wool sweater (shoot for at least 80% wool).
  2. Wet felt the cuffs (tuck them into separate pantyhose or pillowcases, put them in the washing machine on a hot cycle, then dry them using high heat. Repeat until the cuffs shrink down enough to fit on a coffee cup).
  3. Use a blanket stitch to hold the edges together. I used DMC floss for this. Don’t know how to do a blanket stitch? Me neither. I learned how to do it this afternoon by entering “blanket stitch” into a search engine and watching a video. So easy. I promise.
  4. Decorate with felt, buttons, fabric, and embroidery thread. The one pictured here is VERY simple – a couple of flowers cut from craft store felt with buttons from our collection. I can’t wait to do this again with a felt sun or a coffee bean made of beads or geometric shapes made from different materials. I’m glad I know a lot of coffee lovers – the possibilities are endless.


2 thoughts on “Coffee Sleeve: Nifty Gifties!

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