“No evidence of malignancy”

“No evidence of malignancy.”

I didn’t realize I had been holding my breath until I exhaled mightily after reading those words on the pathology report.

In my brain, I knew that the growths they removed weren’t cancer. But I guess my heart was still holding out, hanging onto the fear that this recovery would not be the end of the problem, but rather the beginning of a much larger one.

I mentioned last year that I had abdominal surgery twice, but I didn’t get into the details because it wasn’t really relevant to the scope of this blog. It’s still not relevant, except to explain why my postings have been infrequent lately. The problem came back with a vengeance in August, so I went for round 3 of surgery two weeks ago. They are pretty sure that this will be the last procedure, for which I am endlessly grateful. However, the road to recovery has had a lot of bumps. The 6-week recovery we anticipated has been extended to several months, so I am out of commission in the kitchen for awhile. Frownie face.

I won’t be doing weekly recipe posts for a bit. I’ve been reading some wonderful books (and a couple of awful ones) that I’m hoping to share with you once things calm down a little bit around here. You can keep up with me on Facebook if you want to know when the posting schedule goes back to normal. I’d love to see you there!


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