Hippie bacon that doesn’t suck 2.0

Applegate Naturals Bacon {The Reluctant Hippie}

I posted about a nitrate-free bacon option awhile back, but that brand has been quickly thrown over now that we discovered Applegate Naturals bacon. Oh, the deliciousness.Their animal care standards couple with their lack of nitrates, antibiotics and hormones to  cancel out some of the bacon guilt.

Bacon also can be stretched so easily to capitalize on its flavor without getting caught up in its fatty web of destruction. Don’t use it as a main component of your meal – use it as a flavoring or textural element in a much larger dish. Don’t believe me? Try my Butter Beans with Bacon. A little bacon goes a long way. In fact, I made a big pot of these beans in August so that we had a few freezer meals before an upcoming surgery. I had planned on making a double batch of beans, but I only bought enough bacon for a single batch. Oops. Since we had already gone WAY over budget on groceries for the week, I used the single package of bacon and added 1.5 tsp. smoked paprika and an extra teaspoon of sea salt, doubling all the other ingredients. Nobody in our house noticed the switch – it was still delicious.

If you are in the market for bacon but are sick of compromising every single one of your principles to get it, Applegate Meats offers a product that puts bacon back into your kitchen without trampling so much on your conscience.


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