Hot Mess (Loaded Sweet Potatoes)

Hot Mess (Loaded Sweet Potato) {The Reluctant Hippie}

On a recent trip to Dallas, TX, we had lunch at Pecan Lodge BBQ in the Dallas Farmer’s Market. The Hippie Husband had to wait in line for 40 minutes (a very short wait, by Pecan Lodge standards), and it was so worth it. He pronounced his brisket to be “the best” he’s ever had, and Little Hippie adored her mac and cheese. I’m not a hug BBQ fan, but I was intrigued by one of the menu items. I’m so glad I ordered it. The Hot Mess was love at first sight. 

Pecan Lodge's Hot Mess {The Reluctant Hippie}

Pecan Lodge’s Hot Mess

They took a baked sweet potato, split it open, and topped it with shredded cheese, brisket with a spicy rub, chipotle cream, bacon, and chopped scallions. It was as delicious as it looked. The sweetness of the potato balanced out the heat from the dry rub and chipotle cream so perfectly.

I had never thought of doing savory toppings for sweet potatoes. This concept of turning the sweet potato into a base for nacho toppings stuck with me, and I vowed to make this dish as soon as possible when we returned to the chilly midwest.

Fortunately, the Hippie Husband was similarly inspired by his lunch at Pecan Lodge. He bought a pork shoulder the day after we got home, threw together a dry rub, and roasted it all day. I used the leftovers for our version of The Hot Mess.

Ingredients: (all quantities are “to taste”)

Our favorite BBQ sauce. Bullfrog has just the right amount of kick and an ingredient list that doesn't make me cringe.

Our favorite BBQ sauce. A little kick and no HFCS

  • Baked sweet potatoes
  • Shredded cheddar cheese
  • Shredded pork (Vegetarian option: substitute cooked black beans)
  • BBQ sauce with a bit of a kick (we use Bullfrog)
  • Greek yogurt or sour cream
  • Chopped cilantro


  1. Split the sweet potatoes down the middle lengthwise. Use a fork to mash the sides a bit before topping.
  2. Add cheese and allow to melt (pop it in the oven or microwave if the potatoes have already cooled).
  3. Toss the shredded pork or black beans in a bit of BBQ sauce, then throw some onto the potatoes.
  4. Top with yogurt or sour cream, then sprinkle with cilantro.

5 thoughts on “Hot Mess (Loaded Sweet Potatoes)

  1. I have been trying since 2008 to find bull frog BBQ sauce. It is my favorite and I can’t find it! F do you know where i might find it?

    • We used to get it at Prisco’s Family Market in Aurora, but I haven’t seen it there recently. In the meantime, we have found that Two Fat Guys makes a sauce that is similarly delicious, but easier to locate. The “Smoky” flavor is just about perfect (be sure to read the labels carefully – the label for the Smoky flavor looks about the same as the label for the Lava flavor. That was a painful mistake!) They are in McHenry, IL, and their sauces are available lots of places. We get ours at Woodman’s. According to the Internet, you can also get them at Mariano’s, Standard Market, and most Ace Hardware stores.

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