Collaborative Art Print Notecards: Nifty Gifties

Handmade Notecards {The Reluctant Hippie}

The last-minute Mother’s Day genius idea struck with enough time to execute it this year! My goal was to give something that was personal, handmade, from the kids, and genuinely useful.

We’ve done stationery designed by Little Hippie in the past. While it was cute, I could tell that the recipients wouldn’t be comfortable sending these cards to people other than family members who knew the little artist. I wanted something a little more commercial-looking so that the cards could be sent far and wide, but I still wanted something that the kids had created. In the end, we used artwork from both kids and arranged them into a more grown-up scene.

The process:

We took doodles from Baby Hippie

Kid doodles {The Reluctant Hippie}

We cut them into shapes

Cut_doodles_into_shapes {The Reluctant Hippie}

Little Hippie painted a background

Background painting {The Reluctant Hippie}

LH, Mom and Dad cut shapes from an old magazine

Magazine_shapes {The Reluctant Hippie}

Then, we assembled all of the pieces into a spacescape.

Collage {The Reluctant Hippie}

The next step was to scan it into the computer. I took a picture of it and cropped it closely with iPhoto. I used a word processing program for the card layout. To make 2 prints per page with a personalized note on the back, I created two columns, inserted the pictures upside-down (so that the orientation was correct when the tops were folded down), then added text at the bottom to personalize the back of the card. The full page looked like this:

Note card layout {The Reluctant Hippie}

I had it printed on card stock at our local copy shop, folded them, then cut each in half.

Fold and cut {The Reluctant Hippie}

I bought a pack of envelopes in the right size at Michaels, then assembled packs of 10 cards and envelopes. Finishing touch: we tied them together with a pretty ribbon. Voila!

Set of 10 cards and 10 envelopes {The Reluctant Hippie}

Project cost: 5 sets of 10 cards w/ envelopes cost $38.00 ($5 for envelopes [would’ve been less if I had remembered the 40% off coupon], $33 for printing [25 copies on card stock]). $8/set. Not too shabby.

Bonus: I’m having them frame the original for *my* Mother’s Day gift. Efficiency!


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