Thankful Garland

Thankful Garland {The Reluctant Hippie}

An easy project for your Thanksgiving table or the mantle. Everyone can write something they are grateful for instead of going around the room and voicing your gratitude. You could even use the “Thankful thing per day” Facebook posts that so many people do during November.

For our sample, I asked for suggestions from the family. I loved some of the things they appreciated. A few of the more interesting responses included: cranberry chutney, a lack of hospital visits this year, and Little Hippie’s favorite video game.

Little Hippie signed all of her contributions.

I got a few sheets of fall-colored patterned paper and some solid-colored card stock. Since I’m not artistically skilled, I printed shape templates from the internet, cut them out of cardboard from my recycling bin, and traced the templates. I used the patterned pieces of paper for leaves and to add some visual interest to the acorn caps. The acorn shapes were cut from the card stock to give the acorns some heft and to keep them from getting wrinkled. The acorns were a little taller than the template to allow for a line of glue across the top to affix the acorn tops.

Thankful Garland {The Reluctant Hippie}

The words are written in silver Sharpie. I wanted a straight-up white marker, but Walgreens had silver, and I had 20 other things that seemed to be larger priorities than searching for the exact right marker. In retrospect, the silver looked fine. Gold might have been a little more autumnal, but silver worked.

Thankful Garland {The Reluctant Hippie}

We also tried writing on the leaf shapes. It really only worked on the solid-colored paper, which wasn’t very interesting to behold. However, it’s a very quick way to throw this garland together if you are pressed for time or are starting this on Thanksgiving morning after all of the craft stores are closed.

Thankful Garland {The Reluctant Hippie}

Use washi tape (or masking tape – that’s what we used) to attach the shapes to a long piece of baker’s twine or garden twine. If you have the time and inclination, you can make these double-sided by gluing a mirror-image shape to the back of each piece. This will make it easier to hang (you don’t have to worry about the twine twisting and showing the unfinished sides of your leaves and acorns), but it also pretty much doubles your workload and project cost.

Thankful Garland {The Reluctant Hippie}

This is a simple, meaningful project to add a little something extra to your decorations this holiday. Happy Thanksgiving!


Thankful Garland {The Reluctant Hippie}



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