Nifty Gifties: A Retrospective (Updated)

This is a repeat – I just added the gift posts that have appeared since the last Nifty Gifties Retrospective.

Handmade gifts are the best! Here’s a list of the Nifty Gifties that have appeared on The Reluctant Hippie in the past. Hope you can find some inspiration for the folks on your list!

Around the house:




Crocheted Dishcloths (or face cloths) are an easy project, even for the crochet beginner. 1 ball of Sugar & Cream cotton yarn ($1.99 before sales or coupons) will make 2 cloths.





Yarn-wrapped bottle vase



Yarn-Wrapped Bottle Vases are the simplest upcycling project I have ever tried. They are especially pretty when you use jute garden twine.









Felted Wool Dryer Balls pair nicely with a jar of Handmade Laundry Detergent





painted tile trivets {The Reluctant Hippie}


Kids can help with Hand-Painted Tile Trivets – a cute and functional gift.


Tasty treats:

Peppermint Mocha Spoons



One of my favorite teacher gifts is peppermint mocha spoons and great coffee.


Frozen Cookie Dough {The Reluctant Hippie}

Hot Chocolate Mix {The Reluctant Hippie}




Frozen cookie dough for people who love to bake cookies but hate to do the prep work and cleanup





Hot Chocolate Mix


Other gifts for grown-ups:

Money Flowers turn boring cash into a beautiful gift



Money Flowers turn boring cash into a beautiful gift



Bottlecap checkers



Bottlecap checkers are a crafty gift for a manly man. And anybody else who likes to drink things in bottles and play games.





Upcycled sweater coffee sleeve {The Reluctant Hippie}




Giving a coffee shop gift card? Pair it with this coffee sleeve.




Birdseed Ornaments {The Reluctant Hippie}




Birdseed ornaments are great for kids, too!




Handmade Notecards {The Reluctant Hippie}


Truffula Tree Bookmarks {The Reluctant Hippie}


Collaborative Art Print Notecards are a little more work than the average gift on this site, but they are so cool. Totally worth the extra effort.





Truffula tree bookmarks are yarn crafts that are easy enough for young elementary students to create, and they are easy to ship, too.




Upcycled Grocery Bag Baskets {The Reluctant Hippie}


Upcycled grocery bags make terrific gift baskets!

For kids:

Magnetic Tic Tac Toe {The Reluctant Hippie}


Magnetic tic tac toe sets cost about $3 and come with their own storage containers.


Crochet Minions Finger Puppets



Minions Finger Puppets (crochet pattern)





Felt pencil toppers {The Reluctant Hippie}



Felt pencil toppers are awesome stocking stuffers!





Homemade play dough + cookie cutters = happy kids of all ages. Seriously – when we pull out the play dough, even the middle schoolers in the neighborhood sit down at the table to play.




Embellished burp cloths are very simple if you have a sewing machine.



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