Fruit Cake (but not *that* kind of fruit cake)

Fruit Cake {The Reluctant Hippie}

If you have a summer birthday and don’t want to heat up the house by baking a cake, take a look at this project.

My mom decided to go big or go home on weight loss and maintenance about two years ago. She lost a ton of weight and is hyper-vigilant about what she eats now as a way to maintain both her physique and the health benefits the weight loss has wrought.

We are so proud of her, and we want to support her lifestyle change. It makes food-based celebrations a little tricky, though. She’s not a huge fan of sweets anyway, so when her birthday rolled around last year, I wanted to have a cake that was attractive but also sensitive to her desire *not* to have a cake.

Using the fruit bouquet as my inspiration, I set out to make a “cake” out of fruit. I was really pleased with the result!

Fruit Cake {The Reluctant Hippie}

Ingredients for the “cake” pictured:

  • A big watermelon
  • Blackberries
  • Strawberries
  • Grapes


  • Long wooden skewers
  • Toothpicks
  • Strong kitchen shears to cut the toothpicks
  • Unwaxed dental floss and a needle
  • Paring knife
  • Bigger knives for prepping the watermelon

A few tips:

  • Use the dental floss to create a string of grapes and blackberries – this will mean a lot fewer holes in the cake and will make it easier to adjust the spacing and placement of the smaller fruits.
  • Use toothpicks to secure the strawberries. Add a toothpick or two to anchor the strings of berries and grapes.
  • Cut the toothpicks as necessary for the narrower levels so that nothing sticks out.
  • Cut a “V” into the tops of the strawberries as you remove the stems, then slice the strawberries into little hearts.
  • Use the long skewers to hold the layers of watermelon together.
  • The width of your watermelon will determine the width of your cake. Use the middle of the watermelon for that lower layer, and cut off the skin as thinly as possible so that you don’t lose too much fruit.

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