Thanksgiving Leftovers

Beige-on-beige-on-beige turkey sandwiches and turkey noodle soup get a little boring. Here are a few suggestions for using up leftovers from your Thanksgiving feast (some of these posts are from awhile ago – please excuse the photo quality!):


Turkey, veggies, cheese, maybe some cranberry sauce pressed into a melty pocket of wonderfulness.


Hot Mess (Loaded Sweet Potato) {The Reluctant Hippie}Hot Mess Sweet Potatoes:  

Pile your favorite things onto a baked sweet potato.



Chicken Tinga TostadaTinga sauce:

This spicy, smokey sauce turns leftover turkey into a delicious filling for tacos, burritos or tostadas.



Caramelized Onion Stromboli {The Reluctant Hippie}Stromboli:

Roll out some pizza dough and wrap it around leftovers and cheese.

Steel-Cut Oats {The Reluctant Hippie}Steel-cut oatmeal:

We make a big batch of this every year for the morning after Thanksgiving, to serve with the leftover Warm Fruit Compote. It’s a wonderful, healthy way to recover from any overindulgences on Thanksgiving Day.


2 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Leftovers

  1. Love the tinga! My family makes “turkey turnovers”. Little baked pastry pockets of turkey, cream cheese and seasonings. When I met my husband, I found out his family doesn’t wait for thanksgiving left overs. They made “chicken squares ” with the same recipe! …and all that sounded like a response out of Good Housekeeping!! Happy turkey day!

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