Kindness/Joy Garland

Kindness Chain {The Reluctant Hippie}


As we start the ramp-up to the holidays, I wanted to have a simple activity that encourages us to look for opportunities to spread a little joy or kindness each day.

Starting December 1st, we will take a few minutes each night after dinner for each person to write a way that he/she brought joy or comfort to somebody else that day. Those slips of paper will go onto a paper chain for our mantel. If your family does a Christmas tree, you can drape the chain around your tree.

The acts don’t have to be grand. “I sat with somebody who needed a friend during lunch today,” or “I drew this picture for Grandma” would be perfectly lovely entries. I hope that this activity will help us be more aware of the people around us.

Our example uses Christmas colors, but the concept is appropriate for all world religions and secular humanists. At the core of each philosophy are the ideas of connection and being a good person. Choose colors that best represent your family’s values and start looking for ways to be kind. The world could certainly use it these days.

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