About me

I’m a parent and a teacher who lives in the far west suburbs of Chicago. I love to eat, so I had to take an interest in cooking (or make a lot more money than middle school teachers do). Other interests include reading, nutrition, and new forays into vegetable gardening, native plants, and cycling. All three of those new interests have provided amusing and frustrating moments, but the bike has been . . . well, hilarious. You know what’s funny? Watching a person who hasn’t been on a bike in 20 years try one out for the first time. It’s even funnier if she is a little overweight. Nearly a year later, my husband still laughs until he wipes away tears at the memory. Apparently, I was a little wobbly.

I shave, I use deodorant, and I don’t sport dreadlocks. I have never participated in a drum circle or smoked anything. I am not a vegan or even a vegetarian, though I am seeing a slippery slope in that direction as I read more, learn more about nutrition, and take more ownership of my food supply – I just don’t see myself killing the chicken for dinner, you know? Rest assured, though, that no matter how far I lean towards hippiedom, I can pretty much guarantee that we won’t be embracing the vegan lifestyle. I can’t imagine a world without cheese – why get out of bed?

I’m not a doctor, an engineer, a nutritionist, or a chef. I’m just trying to balance my priorities and what I’ve learned with my bank account and lifestyle.


Need to contact me? Send a message to the.reluctant.hippie (at) gmail (dot) com


6 thoughts on “About me

  1. Momma, where is your contact information?! I want to email you all ‘and then I cooked this thing that made me feel virtuous and the children rejected it, but OMG let me talk to you about nuturtional yeast!’ xx

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