Virtual Birthday Celebration

My godmother’s birthday is February 24th. It’s been over 4 years since she passed away, but she’s never far from my mind and heart.  Continue reading


Entryway Clutter Collector


Entryway Clutter Collector (The Reluctant Hippie}

Our entryway is a mess. Our home doesn’t have a mudroom, so everything gets tracked into our kitchen (via the garage). We installed a bench with space underneath for shoe storage a few years ago (which we LOVE), but it was constantly covered with jackets, school papers, lunch boxes, mittens, mail, you name it.

We needed a place for all of the STUFF to go. And that stuff had to go in a pretty small space. I looked into lots of products, but none of them seemed like the perfect solution. I looked up plans for building a custom piece, and we could’ve figured that out, but it still would’ve cost around $150 and taken us a long time to complete (we lack both tools and skills).

So we decided to cheat and use a pre-existing piece of furniture to create the shelving/coat rack unit. I found a bookshelf at our local furniture resale shop, sanded and painted it, added a few hooks and bins, and voila! Entryway Clutter Collector. Continue reading

Car-Free Days

{The Reluctant Hippie}

I was out of excuses. Everybody had bikes and helmets. We had a great bike trailer, loaned to us by some dear friends who wanted to support our 1-car existence. There are tons of activities and places to visit nearby. School was no longer in session – we didn’t have to worry about being late all the time. There was no reason for us to be spending so much time in the car.

It was time. Last summer, we had to stop driving everywhere all the time. Continue reading

4 Alternatives to Traditional Gift-Giving

On principle, I refuse to get sucked into the Christmas mindset before Thanksgiving. However, I will let my mind wander to the winter holidays this week so that I can develop a game plan for the gratitude and food euphoria that come with family Thanksgiving celebrations. This is the perfect opportunity to short-circuit the impending retail frenzy. Continue reading