Family Fun Night: Okonomiyaki

Okonomiyaki {The Reluctant Hippie}

The Hippie Husband has fond memories of cooking okonomiyaki tableside at bars when he interned in Japan. He described it to us as cabbage-bacon-omelet-pancakes. We made okonomiyaki a few times before we had kids, but we hadn’t had it in awhile.

Both kids love cooking and were happy to give this a shot. We set up the griddle, chopped the ingredients, and set out on an adventure. It was dinner and entertainment. We had a blast. Continue reading


Light Friday: Just say “No” to Black Friday


I hate Black Friday. I could say that it’s because Black Friday is the embodiment of all that is wrong with society today. Or because big corporations are evil. Or because we shouldn’t go straight from counting our blessings on Thanksgiving to chasing luxuries the following day. But honestly? I just find Black Friday exhausting. Continue reading

Splash bombs (reusable water balloons)

Splash Bombs (Reusable Water Balloons) {The Reluctant Hippie}

You know what sucks about water balloons? Everything except for the 4.2 seconds during which the balloon is launched and exploded. First, you have to fill each balloon and tie each balloon. Then, after the fun is over, you have to hunt down hundreds of pieces of brightly colored balloon shrapnel strewn about your yard. They waste time and materials. The scraps are dangerous for babies and wildlife.

I hate water balloons. But I also love playing with them, and so do my kids. I started looking for an alternative.  Continue reading

Car-Free Days

{The Reluctant Hippie}

I was out of excuses. Everybody had bikes and helmets. We had a great bike trailer, loaned to us by some dear friends who wanted to support our 1-car existence. There are tons of activities and places to visit nearby. School was no longer in session – we didn’t have to worry about being late all the time. There was no reason for us to be spending so much time in the car.

It was time. Last summer, we had to stop driving everywhere all the time. Continue reading

Black Valentine Beans – A Perfect Children’s Garden Plant

Black Valentine Beans {The Reluctant Hippie}We had so much fun growing these beans last summer. I had never grown beans before, and I wanted to give them a try because of the benefits legumes provide to soil and because we eat an awful lot of dried beans each week. I’d love to be able to grow some of what we consume. Continue reading