Obi Wine Kenobi

Obi Wine Kenobi {The Reluctant Hippie}

Or, if you liked the prequels, you could slide one of these costumes onto a bottle of Tanqueray and call it Qui-Gon Gin.

Materials needed:

  • A 9″x12″ sheet of light brown felt
  • A large sheet of dark brown felt (you can get a 36″ x 36″ package at most craft stores, or buy half a yard at a fabric store)
  • A small glow stick (I used a glow bracelet)
  • Brown cord or yarn for the belt
  • Hot glue gun
  • Needle and dark thread
  • Bottle of wine

How To Make the Cape

  • Cut two rectangles of dark brown felt in the following dimensions: 20″ x 10″, 11″ x 4″
  • The smaller rectangle will form the hood. Fold it in half. Obi_wine_kenobi {The Reluctant Hippie}
  • Sew (or hot glue) along one of the long sidesobi_wine_kenobi hood
  • Flip that corner inside out to hide the seam obi_wine_kenobi_hood
  • The cape is made from the larger piece of dark brown felt.
  • Using dark thread, run a loose straight stitch along one of the long sides. Pull the thread to bunch up the felt (like a curtain) until the top is just a little narrower than the open part of the hood. Tie off the thread.obi_wine_kenobi cape
  • Sew (or glue) the hood to the cape so that the hood covers the gathered/bunched up part of the cape. obi_wine_kenobi_cape_assembly

How To Make the Shirt

  • Cut a 2.5″ strip (lengthwise) of the light brown felt.
  • Wrap the larger piece around the bottle to create a v-neck. Pin in a few spots so that you can remove the felt from the bottle without losing the shape. obi_wine_shirt
  • Slide the pinned felt off of the bottle.
  • Take a small scrap of dark brown felt and hold it on the front of the bottle.obi_wine_shirt_process
  • Slide the pinned piece of light brown fabric over the top and arrange the dark felt to look like an undershirt. Pin into place. obi_wine_shirt_process_add pins
  • Remove the whole assembly and use a hot glue gun to secure all of the pieces together. It will look like this:IMG_1532
  • Slide the whole thing back onto the bottle.
  • Use the thin strip of light brown felt to wrap around the “waist” and pin into place. Tack down the strip of felt with hot glue – a dot in the middle, and then at the two ends (you need to leave large parts of this unglued so that you can tuck the lightsaber into the folds).obi_wine_shirt_process_finish


  • Throw the shirt back onto the bottle.
  • Tie the belt around the middle and pop the glow stick into the folds of the shirt so that it sticks out like a lightsaber. Obi_Wine_Kenobi_assembly
  • Arrange the cape with the hood over the neck of the wine bottle.

Voila! Obi Wine Kenobi.

Obi_Wine_Kenobi {The Reluctant HIppie}


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